Vibes.Technology is the go-to expert in modular sound & vibration engineering for the automotive and (high)tech industries. Using the VIBES methodology, our clients improve the reliability and cost-effectiveness of sound & vibration R&D. The goal is to work with (automotive) OEMs and suppliers to solve potential vibration issues before physical vehicle prototypes are built, instead of in the late and expensive phase of troubleshooting. With the VIBES methodology, numerical modelling and experimental measurement efforts can be integrated, which enables a hybrid design strategy.

With VIBES’ software products, engineers can perform complex sound & vibration measurements and analyses ‘first time right’ in a fast and intuitive way. VIBES develops user-friendly applications (see DIRAC), provides training  and works as a consultant at OEMs in Europe, Asia and the US. To realize this, we have a team of (scientific) software engineers and a team of project engineers. As a Delft startup, VIBES is a young and ambitious company which works in an energetic and innovative way.