Quinten Rademakers – President

As President, I am responsible for setting out our short and long term goals and pushing the board to achieve them. Also, I help coming up with new events!

Ties Vinks – Secretary

As secretary, I keep track of the schedule and internal structure of our association. This year I will also help out with the organisation of the start-up drinks.

Quinten Rademakers
Board Member 2019-Current
Ties Vinks
Board Member 2020-Current

Berend Menkveld – Treasurer

As a treasurer, I am responsible for the financial aspects of DSA Kalman. My main task is to manage the income and costs of our events.

Ivaylo Ganchev – Education

As a representative of the education committee I am responsible for the Course Evaluations, giving feedback to the teaching staff, and other ways to improve our study.

Berend Menkveld
Board Member 2020-Current
Ivaylo Ganchev
Board Member 2020-Current

Pien van den Berkmortel – External affairs

As the external relations and contact manager, it is my responsibility to maintain and expand partnerships and collaborations with companies. In addition, I am also chairing the Control Career Fair.

Alex Daman – Promotion, Studytour

I manage the promotion of social events and will organise the first ever study tour.

Pien van den Berkmortel
Board Member 2020-Current
Alexander Daman
Board Member 2020-Current

Daan Bruggink – External affairs

As a company relation manager I keep in touch with our partners. Finding new challenges with new partners for our students drives me and helps me improve my soft skills every day.

Tom Kerssemakers – External affairs

Responsible for acquisition and exploitation of all external affairs. Doing so by seeking partnerships and collaborations with companies.

Daan Bruggink
Board Member 2019-Current
Tom Kerssemakers
Board Member 2019-Current

Nick van der Lee – IT

I work on the website and other IT services that keep our association running. I am also part of the organisation of the Control Career Fair.

Jesper Kreuk – Advisor

Nick van der Lee
Board Member 2020-Current
Jesper Kreuk
Board Member 2018-Current

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