Who Are We?


D.S.A. Kalman is the study association of the Delft Center for Systems and Control (DCSC), representing students pursuing a masters degree in Systems and Control. It was officially founded in March 2017, as a continuation of our predecessor “Out of Control”.

D.S.A. Kalman’s role is to support the students in different fields: academic, corporate and social. Want to find out more? Scroll down and find information on the individual fields.


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For students

Our presence in the yearly Board of Studies meetings, where we provide valuable feedback, aims to improve the quality of our study at DCSC. Due to good insights in students’ needs via our quarterly evaluations, we are able to bridge the gap between students, administration, and professors. As a crucial part in that mechanism we deliver all kind of comments and complaints from the students to the administration and provide high-quality feedback to students and professors.

Social events are also a significant part of D.S.A. Kalman’s calendar. And of course, there is not a better excuse for socializing than a cold beer. That is why we organise the quarterly drinks, where every student, PhD and professor of DCSC is invited to. We also organise other events, such as the Potluck Dinner at the start of the academic year, and the legendary DCSC football matches.

For businesses

D.S.A. Kalman actively pursuits activities related to business relations. Our major events are the yearly Control Career Fair and the Start-up Drinks. With these events we manage to bring companies with a need for some of the brightest Master’s students at TU Delft into contact with our fellow Systems & Control students. At these events, students have the opportunity to find either short or long term internships, graduation projects, and even job opportunities. You can find out more about the Control Career Fair here.

Besides these two major events, we organise lectures, workshops, in-house days, case studies, and more in collaboration with our partners and the international office of the TU Delft. Our aim is to bring our students into contact with exciting companies that offer real challenges for them to crack! Want to get involved? Find out more here.