Internship Guidelines


The purpose of this page is to help students Systems and Control to find their way through the documentation and regulations surrounding an Internship (SC42115). We from Kalman do our best to keep this page updated. However, keep in mind that the official requirements and guidelines are found on the DCSC website, under Graduation Guide > 3 Internship. Finally, we advise in case of doubt to take up contact with Dr. Manon Kok (, the Internship Coordinator at DCSC.


As mentioned in the document the first step is to search for an internship proposal. This is where D.S.A. Kalman steps in the game. On our Careers page we keep up with the latest offers of our partners, but also offers of companies contacted through the Internship Coordinator. We try to keep our list up to date and provide you with good quality offers! In case you can’t find anything interesting on our page, just walk by our office, we might be able to help you in your search!


Having found a cool company to work for? We advise to take up contact with the company to define what your internship will contain and discuss your internship position with the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Manon Kok ( The final step consists of filling in the documents provided on the DCSC website, under Internship Agreements and submitting it!

Any company or job suggestions to include on our website or take up contact with? Feel free to share them with us!