Batenburg Techniek

We are on our way to a brighter tomorrow

1200+Staff members

Most of our staff works at one of our 20+ offices located in the Benelux.

63%Positive impact

We assess if our projects contribute to Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


We work in five divisions, each with its own specialism and niche.

Batenburg Techniek - In a nutshell

Batenburg Techniek is a technology company working on a more sustainable future with 1,200+ employees. We do this by improving existing and enabling new technologies, focusing on digitalization and energy transition. We have done this successfully for more than a 100 years with highly qualified and experienced staff. To realize a positive impact, we combine our in-depth knowledge, engineering and innovation ability. We work in five divisions, each with its own specialism and niche:

Batenburg Industrial Automation
Every day, we help clients our clients progress and improve their industrial processes. We do that with knowledge of and expertise in operational continuity and secured industrial processes, from design, development, and implementation to installation and maintenance. Our domain knowledge enables us to know what can and what should be improved. We make processes more efficient, safer, and above all, more sustainable.

Batenburg Horticulture
With integrated automation solutions, we ensure optimal crop production worldwide, for every kind of horticultural business. Through the effective deployment of cutting-edge technology and data intelligence, we help growers worldwide with sustainable food production.

Batenburg Energietechniek
From generating and storing energy to the local connection; Batenburg Energietechniek supplies and develops components and systems that are applied in the electricity distribution grid. Technological innovations are developed and implemented together with our clients to a new standard. We deliver these solutions to energy network companies and clients in the Solar, E-mobility, and E-infrastructure markets.


Batenburg Installatietechniek
Sustainable real estate and sustainable energy supply are key issues for many of our clients. We help them to the next step by designing and implementing sustainable energy solutions. For this, we leverage a broad variety of technologies such as decentral power generation, battery storage, hydrogen, electric vehicles, and energy management system.

Batenburg Industrial Components
With a focus on developing fit-for-purpose solutions and supplying smart appliances Batenburg Industrial Components helps clients in the manufacturing industry. Specialisms in these markets include mechatronics, industrial electronics, and fastening technology. In our Centre of Expertise, we bring together engineering, product development, and logistical support, and in that way drive innovation.

Be part of brighter tomorrow

Finding, training and investing in talented people is of great importance to Batenburg

Techniek. That is why we continuously invest in their well-being, knowledge and

skills by offering a pleasant, safe and healthy work environment, attention to personal

development and excellent employee benefits. We have challenging projects and

training courses that offer development prospects for our colleagues. Want to be part of a brighter tomorrow? Please check out here our current open positions (link to







Based on the idea ‘Smarter focus. Brighter tomorrow’ Batenburg Techniek as a technology company realizes smart solutions for our customers. We automate business processes and streamline them with smart components. In this way we help our customers to retain their knowledge. Now and in the future. We use our talents within the energy transition and digitalization to make the future possible together.

In the heart of the smart industry

How can you recognize us? Batenburgers have domain knowledge of customers, a creative problem-solving capacity and an energetic attitude to work. Batenburg Techniek works with more over 1.200 people in 5 divisions. Every day we are available for hundreds of clients in industry and infrastructure. We automate their business processes and streamline them with smart components. This is how we help them to maintain their lead. Today and tomorrow. We look ahead, because we are proud to be part of the future. In the next 100 years, Batenburg Techniek wants to create a stable future and a healthy world. We take responsibility and use our talents to make this possible together with our employees and customers.

‘Smarter focus. Brighter tomorrow’ – our motto expresses our vision

Fleeting hype or permanent application? Making this distinction is crucial. Worldwide, technological developments are accelerating – it is difficult for companies to keep up.
Batenburg Techniek helps clients make strategic choices and apply new technologies in practice. For example, consume less resources or reduce waste. Smarter focus.

The world of tomorrow requires action now. For example, when it comes to a sustainable living environment, food production, climate and energy transition. As a technology company, we create environmental benefits through innovation; at and together with clients. In this way we contribute to a sustainable world for future generations. Brighter tomorrow.

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