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Delft Female Impact Community(DFIC)

Are you a female master’s student and do you want to help the Delft Female Impact Community with important research? In 2024, female students from Delft will still be relatively underrepresented in entrepreneurship and leadership roles. How did that happen? We, a group of female Delft alumni, want to gain more insight into this. We do this through group discussions with female master’s students.
Register quickly, no later than May 13! More information about how it works and what the compensation is can be found HERE
Are you who we are looking for?

· You are a female master’s student at TU Delft

· You enjoy sharing your experiences, ambitions (or otherwise), opportunities and possibilities surrounding entrepreneurship and leadership

· You are interested in entrepreneurship or in fulfilling leadership roles (you certainly do not have to have done this yet, but we are also looking for people who already have experience with this). For the detailed criteria, see the registration form that you can find here:

To apply for this job email your details to