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D.S.A. Kalman is closely involved with the master systems and control of the TU Delft. The full curriculum of the master program for the college year from September 2017 to July 2018 can be found here. A lot of related documents and pointers can be found on this page.

The page is divided into the different categories which might be relevant for you. In each of the categories different links, documents, and suggested books will be provided where one can find useful information related in some way or another to systems and control engineering.

Analysis of Discrete-time systems

A primer for discrete control as written by Dr. Ir. T.J.J. van den Boom. Before starting the master one should be able to understand the provided document.

A primer on discrete-time systems

For an in-depth analysis of the control of discrete-time systems, the course Digital Control in the second quarter might be interesting.

Frequency Domain analysis

A good grasp on the frequency domain is useful in the design of the classic PID controllers as well as different. In the Introduction Project SC course of the master this is recapped in a concise manner for SISO systems. For MIMO systems and for robustness analysis this is discussed in the course Robust and Multivariable Control Design in the third quarter.

The main book used in the bachelor for frequency domain related analysis is G.F. Franklin, J.D. Powell, A. Emami-Naeini – Feedback Control of Dynamical Systems. The main topics of this book are expected to be known by the students and will be concisely repeated for in the Introduction Project SC course.

Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

A course taught at Stanford discusses many topics which might provide a different view on the topics discussed in the courses of the master.

Lecture Slides – Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems

A primer on Linear Algebra

A good grasp of the main concepts of linear algebra is crucial in a proper understanding of many topics in control engineering. Therefore any related material to get a good grasp of linear algebra will be provided here.

Firstly, everything discussed on Khan Academy – Linear Algebra should be known.

The draft of a new book which has been released in July 2017 might provide a good overview of many subjects related to control engineering and optimization. The book is written by Stephen Boyd of Stanford who started in control engineering after which crossed over to optimization. The book is freely available Introduction to Applied Linear Algebra – Vectors, Matrices, and Least Squares.

Finally, the book, which is required for the second quarter course Filtering and IdentficationM. Verhaegen, V. Verdult – Filtering and System Identification: a least squares approach provides in the first couple of chapters a good and concise grasp on the linear algebra needed for the master.

Schur Complement

A proper understanding of the Schur Complement (or after the second quarter you will know it as lemma 2.3 (of the book  M. Verhaegen, V. Verdult – Filtering and System Identification: a least squares approach) ) is vital in many different derivations in control. You will first encounter it in the first quarter course Control Theory, but you will soon understand that it pops up nearly everywhere.

Schur Complement

The Matrix Cookbook

A book with all the identities, approximations, inequalities, relations, … related to anything to do with vectors and matrices is provided in the Matrix Cookbook. If you’re ever wondering if something is an allowed operation on a matrix, you should be able to find it in the book.

K.B. Petersen, M.S. Pedersen – The Matrix Cookbook

Crimes Against Matrices

Anything that you cannot do with matrices is provided in this document.

Crimes Against Matrices

Anything related to the basics of (convex) optimization has been written by Stephen Boyd of Stanford. He also has a free textbook available on Convex Opimization. Many of the topics discussed in the master course Optimization in Systems and Control (the link to the course contents is provided here) are also described in the lecture notes of the courses written below, but might provide a slightly different view on the subject matter.

Lecture Slides – Convex Optimization I
Lecture Slides – Convex Optimization II

A playlist of recorded lectures of Convex Optimization I & II