Teaching Assistant Integration Project

  • Part Time
  • Delft



We look for students that are strong in their theoretic courses (Control Theory, Control Engineering / Digital Control, Filtering & Identification), and that have finished the Integration Project themselves. Ideally the student has experience assisting in other courses.


Around 100 hours in total, divided between preparation over the summer (let’s say around 30 hours) and being present in the lab during self-scheduled “office/lab hours” (around 70 hours: 8 weeks * approx. 8 hrs per week).


Preparation: experimenting with the setups, possibly together with new lecturers/PhD-assistants during the summer, or at least before the project starts in the second week of September.

During the period/office hours, helping students to solve small problems they encounter. That typically includes helping with debugging code, finding missing / extra minuses in models/Simulink diagrams, or sparring in discussions about strategic project decisions.


The lab-hours will be scheduled between September 5 and October 29 (possibly one week earlier).

To apply for this job email your details to kalmandcsc@gmail.com