Mohamed Abdelmoumni

As President, I am responsible for setting out our short and long term goals and pushing the board to achieve them. Also, I help coming up with new events!

Jesper Kreuk

As secretary, I keep track of the schedule and internal structure of the organization. In addition, I also play a major role in organizing the Control Career Fair!

Quinten Dekker

As treasurer, I am responsible for the financial planning of Kalman! I make sure that there is enough money flowing in to organize all our (future) events and other fun stuff.

Quinten Rademakers
Contact Person - Education Committee

I act as the contact person for companies and partners. Secondly, I am a member of the Education Committee, working on conserving the quality of our courses. Also, I am organising the Control Career Fair this year!

Roger Moens
Advisory - Alumni Manager

As one of the long-time members of the association, I help out by passing down my experience. Currently, I am working on starting up the Kalman Alumni Association.

Joris Lardinois
Event Manager

I am responsible for the organization of business events. I keep contacts with companies, and with them organize in-house days and lectures.

Tom Kerssemakers
Event Manager - Promotion

I take care of organizing social and business events for our students. Also, I am responsible for their promotion through our website, social media, posters, and flyers!

Elia Trevisan
Event Manager - StartUp Drinks

I organize events for companies and students, such as the StartUp Drinks, where small companies can attract fresh talents. I also help out with the promotional side of the events.

Zalan Angyal
Event Manager - CCF

As an event manager, I am responsible for organising the CCF.

Daan Bruggink
Event Manager - Startup Drinks

As an event manager, I am responsible for organising the yearly startup drinks.

Stijn Römer
Event Manager - Studytrip

As an event manager, I am responsible for organising the yearly studytrip.

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