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Bottel is a start-up founded mid-2017 that supplies beer fresh from independent craft breweries. Bottel procures beer that is freshly brewed and fills these beers in so-called growlers, characteristic glass bottles of ± 1 liter and for some time also 2 liters of PET refill bottles for Heineken’s home tap (The SUB).

Bottel fills these craft beers every week so that beer lovers always drink crispy fresh beer, exactly as the brewer intended! As beer is a natural product, the fresher you drink it, the better it tastes. You experience the smell and taste of yeast, hops, grains and other rich flavors.

Bottel pays a lot of attention and energy to ensure that the quality of the beer is optimal and that the growler looks perfect. Not only does Bottel have to meet the quality requirements of the beer lovers who buy the Bottels, it is just as important that the brewers, of which Bottel packs the beer, can be confident that their beer ends up in optimum condition with the beer drinker!

Bottel currently consists of a team of 6 people and a number of experienced people that help on specific areas. A nice mix of characters and experiences.

Bottel has an internship position for a student mechanical engineering.

The Tasks and Responsibilities
The assignment for the intern is to take a first step in the development of a new machine with which bottles can be filled.

The tasks that go with it:

  • Identifying the wishes of the various stakeholders and expressing them in a commercial – and a technical specification for the filler
  • Translating this specification into a program of requirements
  • Analyzing competitive filling systems available in the market
  • Defining the desired user interface
  • Full 3D drawing of the concept filling system
  • Building a working prototype
  • Analyzing, evaluating and defining the points for improvement of the prototype
  • Providing an estimate of the costs of the proposed filling system

Who are we looking for?
Bottel is still a small company but we see opportunities and go after  them. We are passionate about building Bottel, we do this in an open and transparent manner connecting with our suppliers, customers and other business relations. Your character connects to that mentality:

  • You are a selfstarter – meeting deadlines is no problem
  • You are independent in your thinking
  • You are a solution-oriented and can work independently
  • You are precise, meticulous and have an eye for detail
  • You are eager to learn, not afraid to make mistakes as long as you can learn from it!
  • You have subject-specific skills:
    • You can work in 3D CAD
    • You have knowledge of mechanical engineering / control engineering / electronics (mechatronics);
    • You preferably have basic knowledge of plastics and molds;
    • You are practical and can make and test models;
    • You are creative and innovative
    • You are open to learning and you have the will to work together;
    • You can record and report everything systematically
    • You can plan

The employment conditions
Working at a start-up is dynamic, exciting and good work is immediately visible! Do you want to be part of a small ambitious team? Bottel offers:

  • Good guidance and access to experienced and skilled people
  • Internship compensation
  • Tasting beer … for work!

To be discussed are: costs for models, access to a 3D package (which)

To apply for this job email your details to